Why choose Installsure?

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 Why choose Installsure?

Installsure offers installation companies the most admin-efficient, competitively priced insurance solutions on the market. For our clients that means easy, clear cover from a broker who's on their side.

Whether you wish to join our IBG scheme for installers, you'd like a quote for a performance bond or another insurance product, or you simply want to check your business insurance covers are adequate, you can be sure Installsure will help you fast-forward your insurance cover.

Policy Cost

Installsure focus on providing high quality insurance products at competitive prices. It’s the right cover for the right price.

Reputable Brand

Installsure is directly monitored and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means businesses that are part of any Installsure scheme have the assurance they are associated with a trustworthy and reliable brand which holds the fair treatment of its customers in the highest regard.

Increased Awareness

The Installsure logo signifies quality in every aspect of business. As an Installsure registered company our brand will provide your customers with peace of mind that you work with a company offering a comprehensive guarantee on their work.

Clear & Transparent Pricing

Installsure do not charge an annual renewal fee or any form of membership charges. Upon joining there is a one-off vetting fee and from then on you simply pay per policy issued. If you’re joining from another provider or happen to be a GGF Member we will happily waive the vetting fee.

Additional Protection

Installsure will only place business with insurers who are covered by the Financial Services Compensations Scheme (FSCS), a compensation fund of last resort for customers of authorised financial services firms.

Additional Services

Installsure provides a wide suite of insurance products to meet our clients’ needs. Not only do we provide competitive IBG policies, we also have a comprehensive portfolio to help insure every aspect of your business. For more information please check our Products & Schemes page.

 Trade Sectors

Installsure offer coverage for a range of trade sectors within the home improvement industry. We are continually expanding our portfolio of products to ensure the needs of existing and new clients are met.

As a broker, we are always looking for ways to improve and develop our roster, including a full suite of bespoke schemes. Should there be a trade not currently listed on our site that you wish to provide cover for then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will work with you to produce a product perfect for your requirements.

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We look forward to working with you to provide high quality, value for money insurance for your business. If you have any questions about your application please email us at info@installsure.co.uk.

How much will it cost?

Your prices will be confirmed once the vetting process has been completed. IBG prices start from £11.76 (including tax). See our IBG Pricing Guide for an overview of guarantee insurance pricing with Installsure. For more information contact our team.

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An IBG, or insurance backed guarantee, is an insurance policy that provides cover for a guarantee in the event the company that issued the guarantee ceases to trade.

IBGs are not guarantees themselves but insurance products that back guarantees. For this reason it can be more useful to refer to them as guarantee insurance policies or warranty insurance policies.

A guarantee insurance policy provides cover in the event that a company that has given a guarantee to a customer ceases to trade. If there is subsequently a problem with the installation that would otherwise have been resolved by the installer’s guarantee, a claim can be submitted to the IBG provider (assuming the homeowner in question has a policy).

For more information on IBG’s and the cover it provides you can download our Homeowner Policy Leaflet and our Insurance Product Information Document (IPID)

A guarantee insurance policy is taken out on a replacement window or door installation by the installer on behalf of the property owner.

While the installer pays for the policy, the property owner becomes the policyholder.

When you register with Installsure all you need to do is notify us when an installation is complete. We’ll then issue the IBG policy on your behalf in the name of the property owner.

A guarantee insurance policy replicates the terms of the original guarantee given to the homeowner by the installer. It is a form of indemnity insurance, designed to restore the policyholder (the homeowner) to the position they were in prior to the loss occurring.

Note: If something isn’t covered by the installer’s original guarantee it won’t be covered by the guarantee insurance policy either.

*A note about exclusions

IBGs may also include exclusions in their terms and conditions which set out the circumstances under which a claim would not be approved.

We recommended policyholders review these terms thoroughly to familiarise themselves with the cover they have in place.

A guarantee insurance policy is activated in the event that (a) the installer ceases to trade and (b) there is a problem with the installation that would otherwise have been resolved by the installer’s guarantee.

At this stage a claim may be submitted by the property owner not to the installer but to the IBG provider (e.g. Installsure).

If you are registered with (or wish to join) a Competent Person Scheme such as FENSA and the work you are carrying out falls within the remit of the scheme, a guarantee insurance policy must be provided along with a building regulations compliance certificate (e.g. a FENSA certificate).

If you aren’t sure whether an installation you are carrying out meets these requirements, we recommend contacting the scheme in question to confirm this.

By necessity we must vet each applicant to assess their risk profile. A history of bankruptcy and/or failed businesses will affect that profile, however we appreciate that each company is different and no situation is black and white. We do our utmost to provide cover to as many businesses as we can.

If you have any questions we encourage you to get in touch to discuss your Installsure application by emailing our team at applications@installsure.co.uk.

How much you pay for guarantee insurance policies can vary and will depend on the contract value of the works carried out and the type of works installed.

IBGs can start from as little as £10 plus IPT (insurance premium tax) per window/door installation.

Pricing guide for Installsure guarantee insurance policies

Joining Installsure is quick and easy. Start by filling out our online application form. Our team will then be in touch to outline the next steps.

The Installsure team is on hand to answer any questions you have about Installsure and about guarantee insurance in general. Email us at applications@installsure.co.uk.