Guarantee Insurance (IBGs)

Clear, hassle-free IBG cover so you can get on with your installation work.


Commercial Insurance IBGs

Bespoke one-off policies at short notice for high value installation projects.


Business Insurance

The right cover at the right price: comprehensive policies for installation companies of all sizes.


As an installer you need guarantee insurance you can be sure of from a broker who’s on your side. Here at Installsure we know what installer’s need. We can sort the right cover for you then back it up with great service and an unrivalled track record of handling claims. Most importantly, we’ll sort your IBGs so you can get on with doing what you do best – paid installation work.

There’s a reason we’re the preferred IBG provider for thousands of installation companies around the UK: we know installers. Installsure has its roots in the glazing sector and our expertise now extends to a wide range of home improvement services. We know the types of risks that installers face, so our team can discuss claims and the technical elements of installations with a level of expertise that will make your life easier.

Installsure guarantee insurance insures your installer’s guarantee against the risk of your company becoming insolvent.
If you want to self-certify the compliance of your replacement window or door installations with Building Regulations in England or Wales, you’ll need to join a Competent Person Scheme such as FENSA. All CPS members must be registered with an approved IBG provider, such as Installsure. Once you are up and running as an Installsure registered business, it is a simple matter of making sure the policies are registered with us so we can send them to your clients.
How much you pay for guarantee insurance policies will depend on the contract value of the works carried out, the type of works installed, and in some cases whether deposit cover is also required. Installsure IBGs can start from as low as £11.98 (including insurance premium tax) per window/door installation. For more information see our Guarantee Insurance Pricing Guide.
We’re proud to be a leading provider of guarantee insurance to the glazing sector, including some of the industry’s biggest names. Yet Installsure specialises in IBGs for all sorts of home improvement installation work, including:
  • All forms of glazing/UPVC installation work including windows, doors, conservatories and roofline products
  • Roofing products including complete re-roofs and a specialised scheme relating to the Andura Roof-Coating system
  • Bathroom installations
  • Loft conversions
  • Concrete driveways
  • Garage doors
  • General building work
Need guarantee cover for a type of installation work not on this list? Contact our team today and we’ll see what we can do.

Installsure can provide guarantee insurance policies for larger installation projects where an IBG is requested at the specification stage. We understand time is of the essence when tendering for a project, so our team can act quickly to quote for a bespoke policy that’s tailored to your requirements.

Whatever the scale of the project, talk to our team about finding a commercial IBG policy that meets your needs and your timeline.

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Installsure can provide bespoke guarantee insurance policies for a wide variety of installations including offices, warehouses, schools, retail units and hotels.
Whether you are tendering for a large commercial contract or require cover for a domestic installation that has a contract value considerably higher than usual, Installsure can assist.
We are aware that each project and client can be different, presenting a variety of challenges for installers and insurers alike. Our commercial warranty insurance product is therefore tailored to be as flexible as possible whilst still providing competitive rates at a very swift turnaround. In addition, thanks to our flexible arrangements with Insurers, we can potentially provide up to 10 year policy periods for these types of contract.

Performance Bonds

Performance bonds are a standard requirement for many large scale commercial installations, but they are becoming more and more common for smaller sized projects too. If you require a performance bond for an upcoming project, talk to the Installsure team today.

These insurance products guarantee against one party to a contract failing to meet its obligations as set out in that contract. Many businesses can struggle to secure performance bonds though the usual mainstream routes.

At Installsure however, we understand the installer market and the challenges that installation companies face. We can provide performance bonds tailored to meet your specific business needs.

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