Installsure supports new FENSA TV advert

08/10/2019, 14:28 PM by Frank Allain
As a key provider of guarantee insurance policies to the glazing industry, Installsure was heartened to see FENSA taking the bold step of advertising on television.


For us, transacting policies on behalf of business registered with competent person schemes such as FENSA is very important so it was great to see FENSA raising awareness of the value of CP scheme registration.

Of course, there isn’t a huge amount you can say in a 30 second TV advert but we were really impressed to see FENSA get to the heart of the importance of having installation work certified by a recognised CP scheme. A compliance certificate doesn’t just confirm the work complies with building regulations, it also confirms that an associated guarantee insurance policy from a recognised provider (like ourselves) has been provided. As time progresses, the value of these policies is only becoming more and more reinforced to us here in Installsure.

Above: Watch the FENSA TV advert

We’ve been in this business for over thirteen years now and we have seen a lot happen within the glazing industry – a lot of change, a lot of development, a lot of improvements and also, unfortunately, a fair few businesses fail along the way. We have serviced thousands of claimants who were customers of businesses that failed for one reason or another and so we know how valuable a guarantee insurance policy can be.

With this in mind, it’s one of the big reassurances that having work done by a company registered with a scheme like FENSA provides – alongside of course the myriad other benefits of using an approved, vetted and compliant installation company! No one can accurately predict the future and should the worst happen years down the line, these policies can be a lifeline for homeowners faced with potentially huge rectification bills.

So hats off to FENSA for putting the message out there and raising awareness of all the good things that come with using an Approved Installer. We’re really impressed with the advert and the benefits it could bring not only to the glazing industry itself but also to homeowners as well who are undertaking what are often expensive and important purchases.

Don’t forget, our close links with FENSA mean that Installsure businesses who are FENSA-approved can register their work for both certification and the IBG via a single registration with FENSA. This can save a considerable amount of time, freeing up installers to be able to get on with what they do best – installation work. If you want to find out more, simply drop us a line on

If you want more information about FENSA and the services they offer, simply visit

If you aren’t registered with Installsure and want to get connected to us, you can apply online to get the ball rolling.


Frank Allain

Installsure Head of Operations